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Вышел релиз ClipperCMS 1.2
« : 10 Июль 2013, 16:04:10 »
Вышел релиз ClipperCMS 1.2, доступен для загрузки по адресу:

Описание текущего релиза:

Вот это реальное серьезное дело, а не пропаганда и полоскание мозгов с несбыточными обещаниями. Молодцы мужики, и особенно Тим, реальный профессионал в своем деле. Вкалывают, однако, даже в разгар лета - релиз ClipperCMS 1.2 вышел 8 июля.

Clipper 1.2 has now been released. In addition to numerous bugfixes, security updates and ongoing code refactoring in the interests of easier maintenance, we have:

- mysqli DBAPI. What some said could not be done! This is the most significant change, though as yet you won't see any obvious differences. The DBAPI is properly abstracted in the core code and in any Extras that we maintain at ClipperCMS. The original mysql DBAPI is currently the default but mysqli is an option and will become the default as PHP's mysql extension is deprecated as of PHP 5.5.

- Installer option to select InnoDB or MyISAM database engines. InnoDB is the default and is recommended, reflecting the choice of MySQL/Oracle to make it the default engine in MySQL 5.5.

- Locales can be optionally set in the installer; if they are then setlocale() statements will be written to the config.inc.php file.

- The server timezone can also optionally be set in the installer, and again if used this will be written to config.inc.php. This is relevant for some PHP 5.4+ installations.

- Elimination of mootools from the manager and the adoption of jQuery in the manager. This is another very significant change and makes the system much more maintainable. Extras authors are encouraged and advised to use jQuery in preference to other libraries (you have the freedom to use something else if you want).

- New API methods for jQuery.

- Integration of kcfinder, our new file browser. The old file browser is still present if preferred and can be selected via the configuration.

- Better help pages in the manager. The chunk and template editing pages include a summary of the tag syntax. We also have the API and DBAPI documented via phpdoc and this is included in the manager.

- Improved error handling and reporting. More information is now available in the system error log.

- Built in RSS feeds for your site. There is no longer any need to create a Resource with a Ditto/List call just to get a feed. Friendly URLs to RSS feeds can be of the form http://site.org/rss/rootpage and non-friendly URLs can be of the form http://site.org?index.php?id=5&rss=1

- Question mark, ampersand and equals signs can now be used in values of snippet parameters.

- Cross-references in placeholders e.g. [6:pagetitle] retrieves the pagetitle of document 6. [parent|pagetitle] and [ultimateparent|pagetitle] are also implemented.

- Output modifiers: built-in functions for string manipulation on the output of resource variables and template variables. A new API function, DocumentParser::modifyOutput() is also available.

- Plugin TemplateRules is now in the core, and offers per-document template rules affecting the allowed templates and default template of child pages.

- Per-template template rules have been introduced - for example you can specify that all children of a page with template 'News list/page' are of template 'News item.'

- AjaxSearch 1.10 now bundled with the core install.

- Improved organisation for manager themes and CSS.

- PHPMailer now used throughout the manager via a new ClipperMailer class.

- new Core and Install classes simplify installation and operation of the parser.
Переводить лень, да и так понятно. Очень серьезные, мощные новации, хороший задел на перспективу. Такого продвижения в ветке Ево не было уже многие годы. Реально новый код, который уже сейчас вполне работает с новыми версиями PHP.
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FluxBB (PHP/MySQL) - легкий и быстрый форум для MODX с открытым кодом, минимальные требования к ресурсам.

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Re: Вышел релиз ClipperCMS 1.2
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Модератор, прошу удалить эту мою тему. Есть аналогичная от разработчика ClipperCMS kp52 с хорошим переводом на русский:

FluxBB (PHP/MySQL) - легкий и быстрый форум для MODX с открытым кодом, минимальные требования к ресурсам.